A company that emerged from the passion for automobile


We are the third generation of a company founded back in 1972. We started as parts and accessories distributors for the aftermarket and built a network of 1,200 customers across the country. Eventually, we became manufacturers reaching out to the international market.

This change took place in 1976 with the manufacturing of graphite spark plug wire sets with a new system of graphite core wires wrapped in plastic that endowed the wires with enhanced flexibility and duration. Before this breakthrough, wires used to suffer from a quick deterioration and caused short circuits in the ignition system.

In 1983, Nestor Ferrazi developed a spark plug wire made of silicone rubber and a glass fibre mesh that became the first Argentine wire used for motor racing and which eventually was adopted by the main racers and racing teams in the country.

Nowadays, we are devoted mainly to the manufacturing of sets of spark plug wire sets and of silicone wires. What once was an innovation is now a common product in the market.

In 2003, we moved to our current facilities located in the city of Buenos Aires (3011 Murguiondo St.). Our shop turned into to a 1,300-m2 plant.

That same year, our company started a process to reach international markets, the first destination was Chile but, with the passing of time, our products gained access to markets such as Brazil, Peru, Uruguay and Bolivia where we continue doing business. At the same time, we have taken part in the following international shows:

- Automechanika Buenos Aires: 2002-2004-2006-2008-2014
- PRI-SHOW, Estados Unidos: 2015
- AUTOMEC Brasil: 2015

In 2006, we obtained our ISO 9001:2001 international certification for quality standards thus formalizing our ongoing improvement processes.

At the same time, our company started a professionalization process that finally consolidated in 2012 when the third generation of our family was incorporated into our business. Our new members were determined to formalize and organize our working processes to secure the presence and growth of our company in the market.

Since 2013, we have been permanently introducing new technologies to increase our automation processes and procuring new machinery to manufacture the components for our products.



Our mission is to manufacture spark plug wire sets, injection moulded parts, special top-quality wires and conductors for the national, Latin American and English-speaking markets through a solid, efficient and responsible management for all the parties involved.


Our purpose consists in being manufacturers of high quality autoparts and industrial products with a strong commitment towards our sector and in getting the acknowledgment of world markets to generate value for those who contribute with us, our suppliers and clients.


  1. To fully meet the needs of our clients
  2. To show an ethical behaviour in every area related to our company
  3. To develop the national industry
  4. To be fully committed with our work
  5. To build long-standing relations with our clients and suppliers
  6. To exercise our social, enviromental and business responsibilities
  7. To manage and organize our business efficiently


Ferrazzi is a manufacturer of spark plug wire sets, injection moulded parts, wires and special conductors. Our quality management has been certified as compliant with ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Our trademarks are FERRAZZI® and BRUMA®. In addition, we manufacture sets of wires for spark plugs for other companies that trade them under their own brands.

Download our certificates here.


Certificado ISO 9001:2008

Certificado ISO 9001:2015 y 3080:2002 Clase F


Our Vision

In Ferrazzi, we have the certainty that our commitment towards our work should be extended beyond our company. That is why our Corporate Social Responsibility actions include the development of initiatives in the following areas:


We stimulate the awareness in our people and we classify our waste in our administrative headquarters as well as in our manufacturing plant. In addition, we have reduced the use of disposable materials and at the same time, we take care of the most valuable resource in our planet: water.

Our Community

Our company chairs CCRA Foundation, an initiative of the Chamber of Traders of Automotive Parts. Through this foundation, that represents our sector, we put in place solidarity actions and donations for those in need, for example during the floods, and we work together with NGOs like Missing Children, Guemilut Foundation. APAER (Association for the Improvement of Rural Schools), among others.


Ferrazzi believes in the renewed value of crafts for the new generations and we are committed to contribute to equal rights for young people. In this sense, we have opened internships to youths over 18, who are about to complete high school and who in many cases are in a less favoured economic and social situation, to work in our facilities. Our young interns are given the chance to benefit from a work experience that will enable them to access the formal work market in the future. At the end of their internship, many of them are permanently employed in our company.

We also offer internship opportunities to high school students who are in the last year of their technical school studies in our region.

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